Thanks Denver and Fort Collins. Our next shows will be in IOwa City and Rock Island in early January.


We will finish tracking for our latest full length album in Iowa City in January.

Befriend us on brand-new social networking site facebook.

Our second Daytrotter session has been posted. Check it out here.

Our 2012 full-length album has been mixed.

We stopped by our ethereal home away from home (KRUI) to do a live session before opening for Paleo, Brooks Strause and Kurt Vile at the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City. You can hear the in-studio performance and interview here.

Winter Club, our split EP with Caleb Engstrom, is available at bandcamp. It has already been previewed and reviewed.

Our first Daytrotter session is up. You can hear us perform four Lonelyhearts classics at Rock Island's finest indie tastemaking studio, and read an astoudingly poetic analysis of our music. Thanks to the great folks at Daytrotter for making this happen.


The Daily Iowan seems relatively happy about our recent return to the stage.

A Lonelyhearts interview is up at Music is Art. Another interview is up at InsulinFunk.

Little Village, Crawdaddy and indieville reviewed our new album.

We answered a few questions for the folks at Superstarcastic.

The Iowa Source interviewed Andre, employing a Buffalo Springfield pun.

Bay Area podcast/blog/numedium Bay Bridged ranked our interview (featuring our new song Overpass) in their top 10 for 2006. You can hear the podcast here.

Andrew Goldman (Fulton Lights, John Guilt, Maestro Echoplex) interviews John here.

Somewhat Confusing to a Stranger had very kind things to say about our album Dispatch and listed Dispatch as one of the top 5 albums of 2005.

Dispatch also made the Top 10 of Andrew Spencer.


Kaleb at SCTAS made this video for the song Seasons Past.

Check out the video for "Grove Street."

See us play Seasons Past, live from the Finger on the Pulse episode filmed by Sarah Gordon. This requires Real Player